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Knowing More About Kreeno Holdings

Kreeno Holdings LLC offers a comprehensive range of capabilities providing quality services to meet the growing demands in the industry. 

The company’s services as Investment Wealth Managers, Private Investigators, Protection of Assets, IT Solutions, System Automation, System Integration, Business Re-engineering & Corporate Turnaround, Assets & Debts Recovery, Security Products and Services, Biometric Solutions and Office Automation Systems in the following industries namely; Energy & Gas, Financial Services, Agro Allied, Commodity Trading, Governments, Aviation, Transportation, Maritime, Telecommunications just to mention a few.

At KREENO, it is not about what the pioneering team members want but it is about what the customers need first to be happier feeling safer then next would be how the team players believe they can deliver to solving the many issues of the society leveraging all the competitive advantages from all team players and external networks to make clients safer and better. 

KREENO is available to securing the future and solving the challenges of the present. We will not lose our vision and our strategic intent which is all about SECURING THE FUTURE If you think the challenges, Then contact the group at KREENO full of dreamers who are poised to serve you as your Chief Servants Officers in the marketplace to serve you as we get more graduates gainfully engaged productively. 

Kindly visit the following websites for more of Kreeno Solutions 

www.kreenoholdings.com (The Parent Company)

1. www.kreenoplus.com  (Counter Fraud Division)
2. www.kreenopii.com (College of Private Investigators & Security)
3. www.kreeno.com (Social Network Justice Community)
4. www.probitasreport.com (Integrity In Business Online News Reporting)

Prepared By

Ms. Hopson Paul
College of Private Investigators (COPI), Nigeria
C/O Triune BiblicalUniversity Global Extension, USA
790 Eldert Lane #12E, Brooklyn, NY 11208, USA
Or Plot 1, Rufus Ojeagbase Street, Off Arogun Junction, Mowe-Ofada Rd, Ogun State
Tel: +234 805 034 9740, +234 708 832 5000
A Subsidiary of KREENO HOLDINGS LLC, USA (https://kreenoholdings.com)

Certificate in Private Investigation


Uncover the Facts and Expose the Truth



Private investigation has moved out of the shadows and become a vibrant, intriguing profession. Today, a wide variety of agencies, law firms, insurance companies and government entities rely on savvy PIs who can unearth the facts, compile the evidence and contribute to the resolution of complex issues and sticky situations.
In this three-course certificate program, you’ll develop the legal and professional knowledge and skills to become an effective private investigator. We’ll cover different aspects of the courts and the legal system, practices of civil and criminal case investigation and preparation, various investigative specialties and the latest industry trends. Accelerate your career in the dynamic field of private investigation.


Professionals working as private investigators, compliance, fraud examiners, accountants, graduates who want to refresh or expand their skill set, along with those interested in entering the field.


  • Key topics related to the criminal justice system, insurance law, and state and federal law
  • Legal and ethical issues in the field
  • Criminal investigative techniques such as discovery, interviewing, crime scene investigation and forensics
  • Civil investigation topics such as missing persons, rape, harassment, bank fraud, insurance, auto accidents and fraud
  • Business practices and career opportunities in private investigation


Applicants must meet one of the following requirements:

  • At least two years of college
  • At least four years of relevant professional experience demonstrating skills transferable to the private investigation field, such as communication, management, business development, investigation or research skills

While not a requirement for entering this certificate program, if you intend to be an unarmed or armed private investigator working for a licensed private investigative agency, the Department of Licensing requires that you “have no criminal convictions that directly relate to your capacity to perform the duties of a private investigator and/or hinders public safety.”

Course List

The seven modules, which make up the EU/TBUGLEX Basic Private Investigation & Security Training Course, are:

Module 1: Introduction to the Investigator’s Industry
Module 2: Professionalism and Ethics
Module 3: Health and Safety
Module 4: Law and the Nigerian Legal System
Module 5: Use of Force
Module 6: Investigations
Module 7: Communications and Report Writing
Module 8: Specialized Investigations
Module 9: The Business of Investigations

COURSE FEES: $1,500per student whilst early bird would get 10% DISCOUNT

Prepared By
Ms. Ekwutozia E. Ukpabio
College of Private Investigators (COPI), Nigeria
C/O Triune BiblicaUniversity Global Extension, USA
790 Eldert Lane #12E, Brooklyn, NY 11208, USA
Or Plot 1, Rufus Ojeagbase Street, Off Arogun Junction, Mowe-Ofada Rd, Ogun State
Tel: +234 805 034 9740, +234 708 832 5000
A Subsidiary of KREENO HOLDINGS LLC, USA (https://kreenoholdings.com)

KreenoPlus: Counter Fraud Division


KREENO PLUS (A Counter Fraud Division of KREENO HOLDINGS LLC, USA) is the foremost academically and professionally trained private investigation, protection of assets and debts collection solution system in Africa rendering bespoke solutions to private and public organizations across all sectors of the economy by helping in handling all risks associated to fraud, scams, cyber crimes and financial related transactions.


We engage in academic tailored made research meant to give law enforcement agencies, public and private institutions market data trends and analysis for decision making to be effective.


Our Asset Tracing and Debt Recovery services engage with individuals, corporations, public sector groups and Governments. 

Asset Recovery

Our expert Asset Recovery team provides professional assistance to recover and dispose assets, by loan defaulters so that your organization could go about areas of their core competencies. This service is a preventive mechanism against theft and fraud, loss or damage to your assets. 

Debts Collection

Our expert Debt Collection team provides professional assistance to recover unpaid invoices, other assets,unpaid invoice recoveries, commercial debts, credit card debt and the enforcement of debt guarantees. Whether your debtors are in Nigeria or elsewhere in the world, we can help with recovering money and assets due to you and your organization. 

Protection of Asset Services

Our expert Protection of Asset Services team provides professional assistance to proactively protect all assets both tangible and intangible ones from possible losses. Our goal of a comprehensive asset-protection plan is to prevent or significantly reduce risk by insulating your business and personal assets from the claims of creditors. 


Due Diligence service is primarily conducted to assist interested stakeholders in ascertaining more about a person...


KREENO PLUS assists organizations in managing the risk and vulnerabilities that come with all forms of cyber crimes and leverage our sister organizations is cleaning up all negative and fake news about the organizations across the internet. 

Operations on The KreenoPlus Platform 

We shall be taking the following cases seriously:

Ø  Breach of Memorandum of Understanding, MOU
Ø  Issuance of Dud Cheques
Ø  Financial Crimes
Ø  Advanced Fee Fraud
Ø  Non - Performance of Contractual Agreement
Ø  Using your High Office to Manipulate Contracts Decisions
Ø  Shoddy Deal and Lack of Transparency 
Ø  Embezzlement of Private & Public Funds 
Ø  Diversion of Funds
Ø  Excess Bank Charges from Financial Institutions
Ø  Issuance of Dishonored Cheques
Ø  Infrastructural Non-Performance of Construction Contracts (Roads & Projects)
Ø  Credit Issues With the Banks
Ø  Crimes and Scams
Ø  Conflict of Interests
Ø  Theft of Goods or property by employees of organizations
Ø  Over Pricing – Profiting At All Cost
Ø  Employees Background Checks

You are warned. If your case comes up, we will find you out and carry out Integrity Check on you until your credibility is worthless in the eye of the public and no matter your political inclinations, NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW. We can always initiate transactions that have been carried out for years with no hope of getting judgment and at the end of the day when all parties prosecuting the cases have gotten their fees for the services, a certain success fee goes to keep the expansion of Integrity in Business across nations of the world. Contact The Team on operations@kreenoplus.com

What Does KreenoPlus Collections Has To Offer A Financial Institutions?

It is said that prevention is better than cure and that is where KreenoPlus comes in to prevent any loan from going bad albinitio. We have a strong position sharing history, knowledge and reputation especially in the energy & gas, solid minerals and SMEs in Nigeria. We deliver when it comes to collecting your outstanding debts, outsourcing your receivables management or guiding you along the route to growth. That's what we do best.

We provide quick, efficient and flexible solutions to recover your domestic & overseas debts successfully. With our extensive worldwide network of over 300 own collection agents and a fully integrated partner network we provide invaluable knowledge of local business procedures and legal requirements. 

With our integrated collections management system K+ Social System our office and partners around the world ensures action to collect your debts and can be coordinated from where our customers are based. We will work closely with you to provide a collection strategy that echoes your business character, your trading patterns and your budget and we will keep you in the picture at every stage, from debt placement to successful collection.

We deliver:

      Real expertise in business to business debt & Asset collections
      An ethical focus in the way we operate
      Flexible, tailor made solutions
      First class service and proactive communication
      Integrated Global collections networks and systems
      Knowledge of local cultures, markets and languages worldwide
      Multiple solutions for easy transmitting cases and payments
      Highly flexible reporting set-up following the legal set-up or functional
      High transparent success rates globally
      Single Global/Regional Account ownership

As specialists in business-to-business collections, we have a clear focus on your goals, which enables us to achieve results and help you receive payments promptly, effectively and efficiently. We fully understand that factors such as trust, confidence and clarity are equally important for our customers. This is why all our processes are developed to provide you with visibility and control over an entire collections process we perform on your behalf.

Hopeson Paul

Customer Service Executive

Kreeno Holdings LLC

30N Gould St Ste R, Sheridan 

Wyoming, WY 82801


Tel: +234 708 832 5000

WhatsApp ONLY: +1 (917) 905 4481         

e-Mail: admin@kreenoplus.com 

Knowing More About Kreeno Holdings

Kreeno Holdings LLC offers a comprehensive range of capabilities providing quality services to meet the growing demands in the in...